Shipping Credit!

Any extra shipping over $1, we will give you a shipping credit.
You will receive a gift certificate to our store.

How to estimate your shipping cost?

The best way to estimate your shipping cost, is to fill your cart up and then click on your cart. The cart will list your items and then after the button recalculate you can select your country, state and zipcode (optional). Fill in these options and then click on the orange button "Get shipping options" - You will then see a drop down box - in which there 6 shipping options, from first class mail to Priority Mail.

Free Shipping: You can qualify for free shipping on items that have a free shipping sign. You must have only the free shipping items in your cart to qualify. If you have one item in your cart that does not have the free shipping sign - then the free shipping will not work.

We also have some free shipping coupons.
To Qualify click here