Here is a peek at our journey from hobby to business

Started in October 2009

November 2009 | Our first products were sold in Ziploc Bags.

We didn't start using Cello Bags until April of 2010.

2009-2011 | All of products used to be cut by hand. One sheet at a time. With a rotary paper cutter.  All the circles were cut with punches. Die-cuts were all fussy cut.

We purchased our first die-cut machine in 2012. We purchased our first Stack Cutter in March 2013.

October 2009 | This was our very first packaging label design. We stapled each label onto a zip lock bag.

April 2010 | New packaging design that was fussy cut for each product.

This design never featured our Logo.

This style was used on all of Etsy tags, numbers and flash cards.

January 2012 | Our packaged changed to this design. We featured this design for 2 years.

Now we customize each packaging label to match the design of a collection.

October 2010 | Apple Cider was our first vintage collection.

We had three collections before this, that were not vintage.


October 2009 | This was our first Logo. This logo was used on packaging for only 3 months. We didn't use a logo on our Etsy packaging from January 2010-October 2010.Just our name typed under the packaging label. (See Above Packaging Label)

June 2010 | This was our second logo. This logo started appeared on packaging from June 2010 through February of 2012.  It first appeared on Cut-Apart sheets and the Tea Party Collection.

You could often find the half bracket in different colors depending on the collection.

March 2012 | Our logo changed again. This is the logo we now use on all of our packaging. We have a few variations of this logo, but this is the one that is used the most.

August 2014 | We started using Unique Bar Codes on our products. Trick or Treat Collection was first to debut bar codes on it's packaging.

May 2011 | One of our wholesalers requested that we use Item Numbers. We started adding them to our packaging labels in 2011.

July 2010 | We moved to our first website. When our 1st website got to large to manage we moved to Volusion in September 2013.

February 2013 | We started manufacturing FLAIR buttons. Baby Claire and Baby Jack Collections were the first to debut our flair buttons.

Summer of 2013 | We manufactured our first 12x12 papers, but it proved to be difficult to manufacture at the time and it was short lived. We printed it for only 6 months. Nature Walk was the first collection to have 12x12 papers.

April 2015 | We started manufacturing Clear Acetate Sheets. Treasure Island was the first collection to debut our clear sheets.

January 2015 | We started manufacturing Gold FOILED products.
Treasure Island was the first collection to carry little bits of gold foil.

February 2012 | We started manufacturing die-cuts and stickers.
Monsieur  was the first collection to have die-cuts and stickers.

November 2013 | We started manufacturing Vellum sheets.
Woodland Christmas collection was the first to debut our vellum sheets.